We are a small family ragdoll cattery and we are located in the main city of Czech republic Prague.
We are definitely a member of the Czech Association of breeders  https://www.schk.cz/schk/ and international organizations FIFE fifeweb.org/index.php.

We undertake to comply breeding regulations.


Breeding and caring cats and kittens was always my big dream. That I began to fulfill relocating to a bigger apartment with huge terrace.

He was with us and still is: the British long-haired boy named Myšák. He is an old grandpa now (12/2020 hes 16,5 years old and still fit :)

To our Myšák and our children I chose not only with gorgeous appearance but also with great nature: the breed named RAGDOLL.

I have never regretted this decision.


My main priority is to breed healthy, cuddly kittens and always with pedigree.


All my breeding cats have HCM, PKD genetic tests negative (N/N), FelV and FIV test also negative.

They are also tested on blood group.
I can send results of all tests :)

All kittens are very socialized :)



In case of any question, please contact us.